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Creator’s Manifesto


The Creator's Manifesto is a drawing installation following God's speech as it appears in the Old Testament at the end of The Book of Job (chapters 38 & 39). In the speech, God reproaches Job for his attempt to understand him and enumerates the difficulties and responsibilities of being a God. The speech is displayed in the installation as a slide projection of a series of 70 slides, which are photographs of drawings, where each drawing illustrates a verse from the chapter and transforms the allegorical biblical language into drawing.

This installation was displayed in two venues. The first time was in Tent Gallery, Rotterdam, and the second was in the Yaffo23 art site, Jerusalem.

In its first presentation at Tent, Rotterdam,  the project contained one single projection in front of a desk and an executive chair. Behind the desk and chair was a small installation of folk of books and headphones hovering from the ceiling, dripping candle wax simulating Feces on the ground. This installation part was titled “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters” after Goya’s famous etching.

On its second display, at Yaffo23, Jerusalem, the project was presented on a stage with a bench and a TV monitor showing the original Hebrew text scrolling in synchronicity with the English text as shown in the slides. In this presentation, 40 more slides were added (following the second chapter, chapter 39) and were projected on a second projector alongside the first chapter.